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Schweser Level I CFA SchweserNotes™

Absorbing the CFA® Program curriculum in its entirety is easily the most challenging part of preparing for the exam. SchweserNotes™ helps you retain critical information by breaking the content into exam-focused study notes, complete with examples and practice quizzes covering every Learning Outcome Statement. SchweserNotes™ have continuously evolved to meet your study needs:

1) SchweserNotes™ are available on Schweser's online learning platform and integrated with quizzes to help you apply what you’ve learned. Real-time performance metrics identify if you’re understanding and retaining the material.
2) SchweserNotes™ Online deliver each reading in bite-sized modules, making it easier to study in shorter segments.
3) SchweserNotes™ eBooks are included with each order so you can take your studying offline.

- CFA L1 Schweser Access

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Level or Part: Level I

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