Title: Into the Mind of a DipIFR Exam Taker
Into the Mind of a DipIFR Exam Taker

We had the privilege of conversing with Hanaa Sabra, Regional ACCA price winner of DipIFRS, where we delved into her enriching journey and experiences with us. You'll gain valuable insights into effective study techniques, learn how to overcome challenges, and discover how the DipIFR can be a transformative step in your accounting career.

Q: What motivated you to pursue the DipIFR qualification?

H: I was initially inspired to pursue the DipIFR qualification during my Master's degree when I took the IFRS course. The course ignited my curiosity about the extensive realm of financial reporting, prompting me to engage deeply and ask numerous questions that went beyond the course material. Dr. Mohamad Saleh, our instructor, provided incredible support and guidance throughout. After achieving the highest grade in the course, Dr. Saleh recommended that I undertake the DipIFR exam, noting my exceptional analytical abilities. Intrigued by the potential for further growth, I researched the DipIFR program. Upon completing my Master's degree, I wholeheartedly committed to the DipIFR journey to expand my expertise in the field

Q: How did it align with your career goals?

H: The DipIFR has been instrumental in aligning with my career goals by expanding my knowledge and understanding of the complexities associated with international financial reporting standards. This specialized knowledge directly resonates with my career aspirations, enhancing my qualifications and making me well-prepared for roles that require expertise in international financial reporting practices. With my newly acquired expertise, I'm now poised to pursue a wider range of job opportunities and take significant strides toward achieving my career

Q:What were the most challenging aspects of the DipIFR exam, and how did you overcome them?

H: When I embarked on the journey to pursue the DipIFR exam, I faced a challenge as the least experienced candidate in the program. At just 23 years old, with only two years of junior accountant experience, I found that some standards proved to be technically challenging.

However, I approached this challenge with determination and resourcefulness. I decided to turn these hurdles into opportunities for growth. I took the proactive step of engaging with my instructors in Morgan international, seeking clarification on the aspects that eluded me. Their support was invaluable; they readily provided me with the guidance I needed to grasp the intricacies of the standards

Q: What advice would you give to individuals who are considering taking the DipIFR exam in the future? 

H: For those contemplating the DipIFR exam, my advice is to craft a well-structured study plan that covers the breadth of topics the exam entails. Gain a solid understanding of the exam format and question types, as this knowledge will help you adeptly manage time during the actual test. Moreover, Work through past exam papers and practice questions to refine your problem-solving skills. 

It is also crucial to prioritize comprehension over memorization, focusing on grasping the core concepts. Additionally, develop a time management strategy that considers question complexity and adhere to it. Finally, remember with dedicated effort, thoughtful planning, and perseverance, success in the DipIFR exam is within reach. Best of luck!

Q: On a final note, can you provide an overview of your journey in preparing for the DipIFR exam?

H: My journey in preparing for the DipIFR exam was a transformative experience marked by dedication, continuous learning, and the guidance of exceptional instructors. 

One pivotal aspect of this journey was the opportunity to take classes with Morgan International. Their commitment to excellence and comprehensive support became the bedrock of my preparation. The classes provided not only in-depth insights into the subject matter but also an environment that fostered curiosity and exploration. The instructors were adept at breaking down complex concepts into digestible pieces, ensuring that every student grasped the material with confidence. 

Furthermore, the interactive nature of the classes and the collaborative atmosphere cultivated in these classes proved invaluable. Engaging in discussions with fellow students and sharing perspectives enhanced my understanding and offered diverse viewpoints that enriched the learning process. 

In sum, my journey in preparing for the DipIFR exam was a harmonious blend of personal dedication and the exceptional support provided by Morgan International. The combination of their expertise, resources, and guidance not only ensured my readiness for the exam but also instilled a deep appreciation for the world of international financial reporting. It's an experience I look back on with gratitude and a sense of accomplishment.

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