How to Protect Your Mental Health at Work?
How to Protect Your Mental Health at Work?

In the bustling rhythm of our daily lives, where the demands of work and personal responsibilities often take precedence over our self-care and mental health, cultivating the right work-life balance and adopting tactics to ensure a mindful work lifestyle are essential. Our guide offers not only ways to increase your productivity but also promotes a lifestyle that fosters a better state of mind in the busy world we live in. As we kick off a new year, mental health should be a top priority in your professional goals for 2024, and here are a few things to keep in mind:

Personal Energy Measurement (PEM)

What is Personal Energy Measurement? 

Mastering personal energy becomes the key to efficiency. By measuring and understanding our energy levels at different days of the week, we gain insights into our natural rhythms allowing us to optimize our schedule and meetings based on our personal state.

How to create your own Personal Energy Measurement? 

To gain insights into your personal performance, observe yourself throughout the week and consider the following questions: 

  • When and on what day am I most productive in completing tasks? 
  • When and on what day do I experience peak energy levels? 
  • What day or time of day do I enjoy interacting with others the most? 
  • What day or time of day do I prefer solitude? 
  • When in the week do I feel most creative? 

    These questions will later aid you in crafting a schedule, allowing you, if afforded the luxury, to schedule calls on days when you feel most inclined to communicate with others and reserve time for yourself on days when you are creative and ready to accomplish significant work.

Do... nothing.

Sometimes, the most productive action is to give yourself a break. This helps you seek deeper meanings and patterns in your actions, and unexpected inspiration may be found in the ordinary.  


Look closely at your colleagues' or friends' behavior; observation is key.


Take a sip of coffee and observe random people conducting their normal activities.

Give yourself a mental break and allow your mind to wander.


Try to understand the deep meaning of their actions and the patterns you can observe. You'll be surprised by the inspirational messages you may discover!

Communicate What You Feel Before Reacting

When stress builds up, take a moment to communicate your emotional state before reacting. Clear communication fosters understanding and opens the door to collaborative problem-solving, contributing to a more supportive work environment. 

The easiest thing to do is to react and let your emotions overcome your self-control, a situation that sometimes backfires, especially when responding to a negative stimulus. Remember that taking things less personally is necessary and that people's reactions are often a result of internal conflicts.

Eliminate Distractions

Distracting your brain from one thought bubble to another is often considered one of the least favorable habits, and yes, we are pointing out multitasking. 

Although it may seem like a way to boost productivity, it can actually hinder efficiency and overall mental well-being. When you divide your focus, each task receives only a fraction of your cognitive resources, potentially leading to errors and increased stress. 

Immerse yourself in one task at a time and eliminate all distractions. It's a healthier practice for your brain, promoting both productivity and mental equilibrium.

a break
you need it.

Give yourself a breather before you're completely wiped out! You don't have to wait until you're totally drained to take a break. Being smart about pausing and recharging earlier keeps your energy up, boosts productivity, and helps you avoid hitting the burnout stage.

On a final note...

In this demanding landscape of professional responsibilities, neglecting mental well-being can lead to stress, anxiety, and burnout, jeopardizing both personal happiness and professional performance. Prioritizing mental health is not only a personal imperative for a balanced life but also makes sound business sense, fostering productivity, employee satisfaction, and innovation.

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