Unveiling The GRP Journey: A One-On-One With Maram Ismael | Morgan International
Unveiling The GRP Journey: A One-On-One With Maram Ismael

Setting the Stage

In the busy world of Human Resources, Maram Ismael is a highly experienced and dedicated professional. She works as the Talent Acquisition Manager at Umniah, a well-known telecom company in Amman, Jordan, and has more than 15 years of valuable experience. Recently, we had the privilege of sitting down with her to discuss her career trajectory, motivations, and the challenges she faced while pursuing her GRP Certification, starting with the "Job Analysis, Documentation, and Evaluation" module from WorldatWork, facilitated by Morgan International.

A Glimpse into Maram's Career

The conversation began with Maram providing a glimpse into her illustrious career. With a diverse background in HR across various industries, she discovered her passion for talent acquisition early on. Starting as an intern during university, Maram's journey in HR has been shaped by her dedication and continuous quest for knowledge.

Choosing the Path of Certification

Maram's pursuit of professional certification started with the SHRM-CP credential at Morgan International, followed by her recent GRP certification from WorldatWork. She emphasized her commitment to continuous learning and the desire to enhance her expertise across various HR domains.

The Unconventional Choice: "Job Analysis, Documentation, and Evaluation"

What caught our attention was Maram's choice of certification in "Job Analysis, Documentation, and Evaluation." Not her typical terrain, Maram candidly admitted that this was a deliberate step out of her comfort zone. In the interview, she highlighted the importance of challenging oneself and acquiring knowledge in areas less familiar.

The Challenge of Work-Life Balance

As a working professional, Maram highlighted the most significant challenge faced during her preparation—fitting studying into her already busy life. Juggling a full-time job, regular gym sessions, and social commitments, she acknowledged the struggle to strike a balance.

Zooming in on the Exam Preparation

The conversation then delved into Maram's preparation strategy for the certification exam, vis-a-vis the challenge of work-life balance:

  • Videos Set the Mood: Maram began by watching the short online videos provided by WorldAtWork, to begin with. These videos, lasting 10 to 20 minutes, served as an introduction to each chapter, setting the mood for her study sessions.
  • Traditional Studying: A self-proclaimed traditionalist, Maram printed the study material. Armed with a pen and highlighter, she went through each chapter meticulously, ensuring a thorough understanding of all the concepts at hand.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Maram emphasized the importance of practice. She tackled questions and tests at the end of each chapter, both from the book and the online platform. This not only reinforced her understanding but also familiarized her with the exam format.

Words of Wisdom

In conclusion, Maram shared words of wisdom for those embarking on a similar certification journey. She emphasized the importance of setting expectations, acknowledging personal challenges, and finding a study routine that aligns with one's lifestyle.

As Maram continues to contribute to the field of HR and share her knowledge as an instructor at Morgan International, her story encourages us all to embrace challenges and pursue growth relentlessly.

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